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Just turning the lights on so expect minimal content, a work-in-progress theme, and all the usual noise that comes with having to spark up something from scratch on short-notice.

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  1. With the Marketplace gone I'm pretty much forced to de-lurk and go legit/official. I've been doing private dev and support work for years and years; I just never, EVER, marked myself as a provider on the IPS website. Given the new reality I either come out from the dark side of the moon and yell "Over here!" or let everything go, so here we are. Expect renewal prices for my applications and plugins to synchronize around a single term. It will either be six months or four months and I'm leaning towards four months (prices adjusted accordingly). Those of you who bought stuff years and years ago should be aware that you will be getting the more recent renewal rates on my stuff. One long-term hitch with the now-former IPS Marketplace is that an author could change the renewal rates for an application/plugin but any previous purchases would never take on the new rate. So some of y'all out there are throwing me $5 every six months ($4 when I got it) for stuff that has way-evolved over the years. And that is assuming people actually paid renewals regularly. Also, please, do understand that no one, and I mean NO ONE, made anything approaching "bank" on the Marketplace. 30,000+ Invision Community installs (and growing) and the most successful applications and plugins top out at 100+ purchases (freebies might see a couple thousand downloads). I made maybe $100-$200 a month on average and I was probably doing better than average for the MP. No one is living on that. It was that way in the 3x days as well, though old hands may remember Advanced Tags and Prefixes from back then. That author probably pulled in north of $10,000 over the lifetime of that application but that was over a period of years so adjust accordingly. I suspect themers did better overall. Enough blithering; this should be an article anyways but that default "Welcome" forum post was bothering me.
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