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Just turning the lights on so expect minimal content, a work-in-progress theme, and all the usual noise that comes with having to spark up something from scratch on short-notice.


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  1. Many 3rd-party devs are navigating a strange space these days with the closure of the MP. And it's not just me. Missing comms, missed connections, I emailed you here but you are not there you are here instead so this is a week behind and etc... We're all getting up to speed on the new normal. Most of us are "missing" on the IPS boards as well. Most devs I know have stepped back from there - not necessarily intentionally, its just that "right now" there isn't much there for us. 4x is development EOL, there is no MP for us to submit to or support topics to keep up on, and we have no alpha/beta of 5x to yell about yet (though I am hopeful for something before the year is out). I still need to onboard a ton of people and get old purchases added. Yep yep yep. As a small gift of contrition, get you some free seasonal snowflakes here - zero browser CPU impact, otherwise I would not have humped it over for you guys to use so grab it and annoy/amuse/placate your users!
  2. Scott


    Version 1.0.0


    Simple no-CPU-impact, full-page snowflakes, gently falling and swaying in the soft wind. Light-blue-ish. Install, and they are on for everyone, until you toggle the plugin off in the ACP or uninstall. If you want all the configurations made available to you and maybe let users toggle it on/off on the front end, make with the hew and cry and I'll grab a beer and code it out but that one will cost you a few bucks (once). Not mine, I'm just packaging it up for INVCOM 4x. MIT licensed: https://github.com/hcodes/snowflakes
  3. Crazy two weeks, I'll be hitting verifications and adding purchases in the morning.
  4. Yeah that's a strange one. Your member group has unlimited messages but was set at zero per minute sending. No idea... Feel free to start throwing them at me. As for the last week or two, unplanned car work - and those nice videos showing you how to do it in warm well provisioned garages with full lifts and clean cars does not match the experience of a frozen garage floor and grimy 20 year old 4x4.
  5. Looks like my direct-server emails were about 50/50 for acceptance rate which... not great. Email can be the biggest pain in the... I flipped to SendGrid short term and re-sent any not-responded-to registration emails (and SendGrid is working fine, I got the test emails from the ACP). Longer term I'll move emails over to MXroute which, frankly, is awfully inexpensive and bullet-proof; created and ran by someone who gives a damn and is focused on server folks like us. Another option if you need a cheap/free service is smtp2go Speaking of which, I haven't received any registration emails from your end either (for my verification stuff). Granted, I know pretty much all of you registering now so I could verify you manually, but if you have set up an account for me, I haven't gotten those emails just like you haven't mine. Might want to poke that bear...
  6. Reminder that only verified members can purchase/download premium files. Guests will not seen the link but registered members (Ground Control) and above will. Link is up top and cannot be missed. Add your site, your IPS profile link, and create an All Astronauts account on your site WITHOUT PASSWORD so I get the "set your password" email and that's that. Wait for me to check check it and that's it. See the verification link for all the details and thanks for making the Invision Community app-space more secure!
  7. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Flags out members online status in all comments and reviews areas of any application! Out-of-the-box support for the following IPS applications and areas: Forum - Topics - Posts Calendar - Event - Comments and Reviews Downloads - Comments and Reviews Commerce - Product Reviews Gallery - Album - Comments Gallery - Image - Comments Clubs supported as the above items are merely passed on through to the club. Note: For badges, the comment/review/post three-dot dropdown menu is often gatekept by numerous permissions. The badge is inserted within this structure. Typically, if the member group of a viewer allows them to report or share these comments/reviews/posts the badge will appear for them. Otherwise not. This gatekeeping may vary from app to app. If online status is vitally important to your community use one of the other two options. For all other 3rd-party applications, as long as they are using the built-in Invision Community commenting and reviews templates this will slot in seamlessly. Note this explicitly means they are using the LITERAL templates as provided in the Core application; called directly from the Core application (as they should). If they copy those templates and include them within their own application, or roll their own versions, in either case this mod is not likely to work with those items. Open to additional indicators. Just ask in the support topic (though no promises).
  8. Version 3.0.2


    A Massive Pile of Micro-Changes, Improvements, and Customizations for Invision Community 4.5+, Everything Including as They Say... Entirely re-written for Invision Community 4.5+ as an application. Inserts most CSS after any Invision application's CSS but before your custom css directory files. That means 3rd-party plugins and your own custom.css file will always take precedence. You can allow any topic creator to edit their first post in topics within the forums of your choice. Set both post count and topic count as stats displaying in Forum indexes. Scrunches down review stars. Collapses (with optional max-size) embedded images in posts AND displays them in-line. No more massive stacked image posts! Font Awesome 5 support! Font Awesome 6 support! Limit attachments allowed per-post Speed up animation speeds for pop-ups and other elements. Customize the default error page that displays with a background image, custom text, more! Full Messenger box warning for users. Forums Topic and Post embeds customizable! You can make them look really nice... Sticky Sidebars! (Note this is done with JavaScript but there is native browser support now so this will get updated) Zalgo text remover! A hell of a lot more... NOTE: Calendar stuff is no longer valid with the movement to the Events app and will get pulled in the next release. 2.2.0 ------------------------ NEW! Sticky Sidebars! 2.1.0 ------------------------ NEW! Zalgo text eliminator! NEW! Usermenu options to remove separators, section titles, and the achievements block. 2.0.0 (Late-June 2021 Release coinciding with the release of Invision Community 4.6) ------------------------ Updated for 4.6 Compatibility REMOVED! Lazy Load on userphoto template - IPS has included same natively with 4.6 FIX! Limiting attachments in forum posts was either slightly broke or just slightly broke on 4.6; patched. NEW! Recent Status Updates widget now with three possible views AND you can customize the number of lines output per update - no more three line limit! TWEAK! for when displaying both topic and post count stats together to add more room for larger counts NEW! Remove the icon area from Forum index displays. NEW! Append <new> badges at the end of forum titles when new content is within in index view - combine with removed icon area for a clean lean look. NEW! Above also does the same for link forums and password-protected forums. 1.3.0 ------------------------ NEW! Core - Lazy-load option for userphotos NEW! Forums - Index - Option to hide the circle-dot unread marker on sub-forums (sub-forum titles remain bolded when unread) NEW! Forums - Topics - append topic author's user group after author's name. Plain or formatted. ADD! A few new language strings to replace hard-coded text in settings. 1.2.0 ------------------------- UPDATE! Altered the breadcrumb hook. Home icon now inserted without replacing elements, home text removed via JS. UPDATE! Review stars now use the complete half-star icon instead of the default half and half-flipped approach. NEW! FA5 Pro licensed icons supported. FIX! Reverse Post Order in Topics setting when set to apply to all forums. FIX! Some sites do not ajax-load new pages of Forum topics, so I had to fix up the topic post numbering feature to account for that. UPDATE! Also improved the page numbering feature to work better with custom themes that have moved the .ipsComment_tools structure to the postContainer template instead of the post template KS 1.1.0 ------------------------- UPDATE! Added responsive phone-view to the Forums in-lined image feature, misc. adjusted CSS. UPDATE! New JavaScript catch for Forums in-lined images: ANY paragraph with images that have inline-css styles are skipped. UPDATE! Sets min-row height for forum rows when do not show statistics on mobile views is enabled. UPDATE! Re-worked the Show Only Members on Online Users page. Now just sets the menu link to default to the members filter. No CSS hiding, all filters, including guests, still available. Best possible solution. NEW BY REQUEST! Site terms and conditions option: place in footer, use full theme instead of minimal. NOTE: These terms and conditions only appear on new registrations or when users are forced to accept changed terms and conditions. This KS setting allows them to be viewed at any time. NEW BY REQUEST! Posts numbered in Forum Topics. Either the actual universal post number or numerically 1-2-3 per-topic. KS 1.0.0 ------------------------- CORE: Compact Star Ratings Do Not Display Guests on the Online Users Page Enable Font Awesome 5 Support Default Search Results Order Member has Full Messenger Warning Community Guidelines Display with Full Theme, Not Minimal Community Privacy Policy Display with Full Theme, Not Minimal Display a Link to Your Guidelines in the Footer Adjust Animation Speeds Remove the Vertical Separators between the Menu Options in Userbar Replace Create menu option with an Icon Remove Userbar Member Avatar on Desktop View Manipulate the Mark Site Read Link - icon or text only, remove, or move to usermenu Manipulate the Default Stream Link - icon or text only, remove, or move to usermenu Manipulate the Home Breadcrumb Element - restore icon, display icon and text Remove the Last Breadcrumb Element Larger Profile Cover Photo Customizable Error Page FORUMS: Remove the title 'Forums' from the Index Page Append Category Descriptions Beneath Category Titles Forum Statistics Displayed - post count, topic count, both Table View - Do Not Show Forum Statistics on Tablet and Phone Views Table View - Remove Sub-Forums Indent and Angle Mark Adjust Grid View Title Size Force the Forums > Post Feed Widget to Pull Only First Posts Allow Authors to Always Edit First Initial Posts in Topics - selectable per forum Remove Topic Location from Date Line Add a Locked Icon to Locked Topic Titles Display Posts in Topics in Order of Latest Posts to Oldest Posts in Select Forums, selectable per forum, see details for explanation/warnings Topic Activity Blocks - How Many Top Posters to Display Topic Activity Blocks - How Many Popular Days to Display Topic Activity Blocks - How Many Image Attachments to Display Display only the Time of Post Entry - removes the word 'Posted' Hide the MultiQuote Button Hide the Quote Link/Button Change the Quote Link into a Button Set a Limit on the Number of Attachments per Post - see details for limitations Float Image Attachments in Posts - collapses attached images side-by-side instead of stacking them Customizable Topic Embeds Customizable Post Embeds GALLERY: miniAlbum template tweaks BLOGS: Larger Blog Cover Photo Larger Blog Title Size Hide the Blog Header on Blog Entries Adjust Blog Entry Photo Size CALENDAR: Squared Edges on Event Listings Remove "Event Details" Title Text from Event View Larger Event Cover Photo Larger Event Title Size DOWNLOADS: Customize the Size of the Screenshots Carousel - height and width separately COMMERCE: Enlarge Product View - Primary Product Image Enlarge Product View - Thumb Images Adjust Product View - Product Title Font Size
  9. Version 21.0.1


    Transform your ACP with customizable login page, custom ACP theming (light and dark)! Self-hosting server ACP dashboard widgets to track server load, memory, storage space, more! ACP dashboard widgets for tracking system errors, moderator and admin logs, members online, more! IPS patch alerts on the dashboard, PM members from their member ACP page. Tasks and wipe caches quick links. ACP Journal. Loads of improvements to the ACP experience. ACP Theme Customization Choose new fonts for pagetitles and content in the acp. (I recommend Inter for pagetitles and Roboto for text) Header, primary, and secondary menu background colors fully configurable. Header, primary, and secondary menu font colors fully configurable. Change background color of message information and message warnings. Option for tighter table row spacing throughout to give you more content in the same vertical space. Page fade-in animation effect for ACP content for an app-like feel (quite subtle though) Active (currently selected) primary menu icon set at full opacity so you can tell it is actually active. Secondary menu options have mouse-over hover effect so you can actually see what you are about to select. Selectable area increased from just the text to the entire row as well. Option to bold text secondary menu option headings. Un-sticky the ACP header to gain more screen-estate when scrolling. Remove the dashboard widget header backgrounds to lighten their heavy appearance. Change the selector toggles from rounded to squared. Change animation speeds on dialog popups - strongly recommended as these often act as speed limits as you wait for slow animations to end. Compact Menu Style which shrinks the width of the side menu and reduces the icon sizes providing more menu stuff in less space. Option to remove the visit site and support text bits and leave just the icons in the header. All menu and header icons now have a hover enlarge effect. Change the color of the default ACP Orange button! Add a separate favicon for the ACP! Jump to top of page button, lower right corner of screen. Very faded, and all CSS. General Improvements to the ACP Plugin version numbers appended directly after name. Option to display theme ID numbers after theme names (useful for designers mode to figure out which theme is which in the file directory) S3 storage handlers display endpoint and directory structure in their listed names allowing you to actually tell the difference between various S3 entities. Your most online stat is ALWAYS being tracked, not just tracked when the stats widget is on a page on the front end! PM members from the member page! Member view tweaks including moving the tabs from the center to the left. PHPInfo link on the support page now fires off in a new tab/window instead of hijacking your ACP session. Core Software Upgrade Log view. IPS tracks and logs when you update the core software but never presents that information. Now you can see it if you need to review when something may have broken with an upgrade in the past. Login Page Add a background image or just change the color. The login box is totally customizable as well including transparency and the option to add additional text. IPS icon displayed by default. Dashboard Dashboard title now replaced with current online users count or registrations today or registrations this week or custom text. Add custom text after (or before) the version number. Optional buttons alongside the dashboard widgets add button. Wipe Caches. Tasks. Admin Log. Moderators Log. Wipe Caches saves you a trip to the support page - just click and you are done! Tasks is a quick link to the tasks list where you can manually run any task you need to or spot hung tasks. Admin and Moderators log buttons are quick links to those pages. IPS News Dashboard Widget formatted to not waste so much space. Online Admins widget now with avatars! FYI this widget shows online ACP users, not admins who are online on the front end. Patch Alert Button 3rd Party Apps and Plugins that use the update push functionality still only indicate updates on the application and plugin pages in the ACP and unless an admin has business on those pages they are rarely seen. Spacious ACP lets you add buttons to the dashboard to handle this. When a 3rd Party app has an update, the button will appear on the dashboard - click it and a dialog will popup showing the the app, when it was updated, and if the app author has provided it, an update button that will take you to the download page to get it. Of course, that is just a link to the item - the user will still need permissions to download it (for example, many times this link just goes to the Invision Marketplace listing) Invision often pushes out silent patches. These are not announced publicly and are only available if you re-download your copy of the suite from the client area or if you hit the support tool - something isn't working - if a patch is available it will list it there. This doesn't seem ideal so like the 3rd Party update button I've included a button for these silent patches. If a patch is available, the button will appear on the dashboard. Clicking it opens a dialog window listing what the patch addresses and a button to apply it. Although any ACP user will see this information, users will need permissions to apply patches/updates in order for the button to work. Look a screenshot or two above for an example of the patch available button appearing and here is the pop-up: In both the above cases, if there are no updates, no buttons will appear! Standard permissions apply to the apply patch button so restricted ACP users cannot mess about. New Dashboard Widgets Spacious Widgets are flagged with a block "S" in the Add button dropdown list. The downward pointing triangles next to the widget titles can be toggle on or off in Spacious ACP settings. The 90-Day graphs that some widgets have are configurable for fill style, color, line width, etc. They will by default pull whatever color your ACP header is set to. ACP Journal The IPS Admin Notes widget has just a single, over-writable block of text and that never seemed good enough for me so I wrote this one. Stored admin notes! Records the note, who wrote it, and when they wrote it. Dashboard widget display a configurable number of them at a time (last three to seven I believe) with few display options available. The full journal is available in the Spacious ACP menu just underneath settings or view button link on the widget itself. Full journal is searchable by entry content as well. No editing or deleting - this functions as a one-way log intentionally. System Overview Real-time server load, IPS installation size, IPS database size, memory available (or free), storage space available, options for Community in the Cloud customers, database details including your database engine and character search limits. Graph colors match your chosen ACP header colors with option to override. When memory/server space becomes critical graphs go red! You configure when the memory and server space warnings kick in! Details button for more information - server location map if Google Maps, etc. is enabled. That little blip you see on the right in the diskspace rail in the screenshot above is the size of your local IPS installation (anything within your IPS directory plus your IPS database size) - you get both the actual numeric size and a graphic representation against your drive. At a glance see if your server has been rebooted! Total uptime displayed as well. The real-time stats update every two seconds and will continue for about 10 minutes of time if you just stay on the dashboard page watching. That 10 minute timeout is intentional so that if you just forget you are logged into the ACP and are on this page, the page will be able to time-out your session. IF I let this go forever and you never leave this page you would never be logged out. System Errors Lists the last five system errors so you can actually see what problems are occurring under the hood. Those last five errors are on a look-back basis meaning the five most recent system errors that have occurred between three to seven days ago (configurable). Two errors over the last five days? Those two will display. No errors within that time span will display the "All Systems Go!" look as seen above. Widget will always provide a numeric count of the last 30 days worth of errors though that number will not be totally correct if you have set system error logs to purge less than 30 days. I strongly recommend having this on your dashboard. Just because your system appears to be running smoothly does not mean 3rd Party apps and plugins, or Invision apps even, are not throwing errors. These may be pointers to server problems or bugs that need to be reported. This widget provides direct links to the actual error reports and a button to the full list of system errors. 3rd party developers do not have a built in error reporting system like IPS does right now and we can only fix what we know about. I consider this one absolutely essential and is on every dashboard I use (and some I have access to as well). Nothing better in the world than seeing this widget empty most of the time. Nothing better than logging in and spotting trouble immediately before it becomes a real problem. Can;t hide from it when it greets you on login. Gallery Overview Mostly a rework of the default Gallery widget but with better formatting. Note the default widget (and this one) only tracks the storage space of the original images, not all the copies actually made and used by the IPS system - those stats are not saved anywhere. Includes the four newest images along with the four most viewed. Widget is fine wide or side. 90 day graph is configurable on or off as unless your site sees daily Gallery uploads the graph can look pretty barren. Forum Trends Tracks graphically 90 days worth of topics started and responses made and combined. Includes live today counts. Also include a ratio-rail so you can easily see if topics are being started but no one is talking... Some basic lifetime counts plus a look at who your recent positive contributors are. Member Trends A rail that shows the counts and ratio of your community members. From right to left members active the past seven days, the last eight to ninety days, the last ninety-one days to one year back (not shown in this screen shot). All remaining registered members that have not visited your community in the last year are flagged as inactive. If you are having your members list their birthdays, you can also get a rough median age for your members. Naturally this statistic is not worth all that much as often times members input false birthdays but in large communities this number will probably give you a decent idea of your member age. Administrators Log / Moderators Log Most Active Topics Last 3 Days As stated. Based on topic responses only. Maximum of five listed. Useful for large boards where admins can likely miss where the action is at any given time. Members Operating Systems and Web Browsers After sticking it on your dashboard either wait 24 hours for the task to kick in or manually run the task (spacious_userAgents) in the tasks area of the ACP. Heads Up! Widgets with Google Charts in them can sometimes render weird when you first drag them onto the dashboard. Just refresh the page. On install AND upgrades, Spacious tasks are automatically marked as never ran (this behavior is standard for all app tasks as of 4.3). Some widgets rely on pulling saved information that is generated by these tasks. Feel free to manually run any Spacious tasks to spark the process along if you do not feel like waiting 10-15 minutes (or longer for some stats). In some server/hosting situations some data I try to read for the System Overview widget may not be accessible. Do not buy this if the Server Overview widget is the only thing you are interested in. No refunds will be approved due to some elements of that widget not working correctly on your site. Specifically, you will need allow read access to the /proc directory on Centos/Red Hat/Ubuntu systems and in some cases you may have an Apache setting called open_basedir preventing this. A simple file edit on your server will usually solve this. VestaCP users will need to edit some configuration templates to change this variable. CIC users will not have access to the System Overview dashboard widget as the AWS infrastructure IPS uses no longer matches out to things like CPU load, memory use, etc.
  10. Version 1.3.0


    Track and display all moderators who were online over the last 24 hours! All names link to user profiles Names can be plain or group formatted Font size adjustable via selectable IPS classes (ipsType_normal, medium, small) Set a maximum number of names displayed with any overages appended as a count. Actual count appears in the widget title. Widget usable anywhere. You can choose which member groups are allowed to see this widget. You can EXCLUDE specific member groups from displaying in this widget. Names can be sorted alphabetically or by latest visit to oldest visit (see notes). Coded for zero-impact on page loads! Notes: 1) Zero-impact means zero impact. The underlying member data is generated via a task that runs every five minutes. That means a single database query for this data every five minutes, not on every user's page load. 2) This does mean that if you adjust the sort options or the groups from which moderators are selected, you will need to wait up to five minutes for these changes to appear in the widget. 3) By and large it really should not matter how many names you choose to display in the widget, but if this is creeping up towards 1000 or more, the impact will not be from the underlying widget code itself, but merely you pushing out 1000 or more names and links to the page. The widget is cached as well but you still might be pushing too much to the browser. Your site, you test! Test and adjust as needed. Outside of that single database query every five minutes, the rest is all fetched from whatever you have set for your Data Store. 4) Anonymous moderators are NEVER INCLUDED! 5) Additionally, if you are displaying names from latest visit to earliest, the timestamp used to set this is the initial session start time, not the user's latest activity. This means when a user toggles off their anon status they are likely to appear somewhat down stream in the list of names in the widget rather than right at the top. A slight hedge against stalkerish behavior. 6) Note this plugin not only allows you to display all members online from various moderator groups, but also those individual members you have granted some moderator powers to! 7) Group selection is based on primary AND secondary groups, meaning members who have a moderator group appended as a secondary group will be included!
  11. Version 1.3.2

    1 download

    Track and display all members who were online over the last 24 hours! All names link to user profiles Names can be plain or group formatted Font size adjustable via selectable IPS classes (ipsType_normal, medium, small) Set a maximum number of names displayed with any overages appended as a count. Actual count appears in the widget title. Widget usable anywhere. You can choose which member groups are allowed to see this widget. You can EXCLUDE specific member groups from displaying in this widget. Names can be sorted alphabetically or by latest visit to oldest visit (see notes). Coded for zero-impact on page loads! Notes: 1) Zero-impact means zero impact. The underlying member data is generated via a task that runs every five minutes. That means a single database query for this data every five minutes, not on every user's page load. 2) This does mean that if you adjust the sort options or the groups from which members are selected, you will need to wait up to five minutes for these changes to appear in the widget. 3) By and large it really should not matter how many names you choose to display in the widget, but if this is creeping up towards 1000 or more, the impact will not be from the underlying widget code itself, but merely you pushing out 1000 or more names and links to the page. The widget is cached as well but you still might be pushing too much to the browser. Your site, you test! Test and adjust as needed. Outside of that single database query every five minutes, the rest is all fetched from whatever you have set for your Data Store. 4) Anonymous users are NEVER INCLUDED! 5) Additionally, if you are displaying names from latest visit to earliest, the timestamp used to set this is the initial session start time, not the user's latest activity. This means when a user toggles off their anon status they are likely to appear somewhat down stream in the list of names in the widget rather than right at the top. A slight hedge against stalkerish behavior.
  12. Version 20.0.1


    With Invision Community 4.4 this plugin is mostly no longer needed! Go to the Admin Control Panel - Members - Profiles - Profile Settings Tab, scroll to the bottom of the page: Set that to global and save. That will add group formatting to user links to 99% of what this plugin did years ago... So what does this plugin do now? This plugin just looks for the edge cases that new internal setting misses and tries to patch them up. Some are doable, others not. It now covers: Profile page header and member hovercards. Messenger conversation participants block. The messenger sidebar area is more or less out of bounds for name formatting. Those names appearing there are not template-output but constructed via the underlying messenger methods and are inserted into language strings directly. It could be done but honestly its way way too messy and not worth anyone's time. Forum posts member info sections. {member='name'} Template Output Plugins These are shortcuts in templates that allow the template author to kick out a single member variable. Version 19 of this plugin now has a setting that will allow you to format these specific instances universally. You'll likely notice it firstly in the usermenu at the top of your community where your logged in name appears. If this, or any other newly-formatted name showing up somewhere is not to your liking you'll need to leave this setting off as this is applied to every {member='name} instance and cannot be filtered or targeted to exclude apps or sections of applications specifically at this time. Be sure to hit the plugin's settings in the ACP before using it!
  13. Version 4.1.0


    Add an image to every Invision Community Pages Database Category for use in your templates! Any settings? Nope. Just install and go. When editing/creating a category in an IPS Pages database this application appends a new tab where you can upload an image. That's it. Where do I add these images? What I just said. When you create/edit a Pages Database Category, there is a new tab where you can upload an image. And how do I use this? Any code examples? Images are stored wherever you have set the Pages Category Images file handler set to store them and you can access the image anywhere the $category variable is available to you in Pages templates. $category->pcimage = The local url to the stored image. You will rarely use this by itself as it will return "uploads/monthly_07/thisismyimagename_34erjfhrufhdheh.jpg" or something along those lines. {file="$category->pcimage" extension="pci_PagesCatImages"} = The COMPLETE url to the stored image. "https://myawesomesite.com/uploads/monthly_07/thisismyimagename_34erjfhrufhdheh.jpg". Just sticking this in a template will output that as a line of text. <img src='{file="$category->pcimage" extension="pci_PagesCatImages"}'> = The image will be displayed in your template at this location at full size. If you are in a record view template where you have the $record variable, just swap out $category in the above code for $record->container() - for example: <img src='{file="$category->pcimage" extension="pci_PagesCatImages"}'> becomes <img src='{file="$record->container()->pcimage" extension="pci_PagesCatImages"}'> You get the idea. From here you can format the image with css, use it as a background element, and so on. NOTE: It is ESSENTIAL when using the {file=...} code that you include the extension="pci_PagesCatImages" within. If you are storing your PCI images on Amazon S3 or any other external server, that extension line ensures you are getting the correct url. Without that, the url generated will always point to your own webserver and externally-stored images will not be linked correctly. Why am I using this again? You can give every category its own image. Format it like an icon and stick it next to the category title in your templates. You could create a large section background for your categories using this image. And so on... Why $category->pcimage and not just $category->image? If IPS ever adds something like this to Pages database categories themselves I predict with 99.999% certainty they would use the word "image". I added the "pc" in front to hedge against that potential future conflict. What happens if I disable this application? Nothing in your templates will break completely, you will just have missing images in those locations (with whatever the browser sticks in to indicate a broken/missing image). And if I uninstall this? All of your uploaded images will be deleted of course. Consider that you will be editing your Pages templates to add calls to these images too. You'll need to edit your templates to remove those calls after you uninstall this. What if I change the file storage handler for these images from, for example, local storage to S3? The files will move just fine, and normally there will be no broken links. However, the Pages databases page in the ACP, and every database's category page in the ACP has a button at the top of those pages that will let you reset the Pages Category Images datastore cache. I have a broken image displaying and when I look at the page html code the img link says NOIMAGE? 99.99% chance you do not have an image set for that category. You should set one. Did this used to be a plugin? Yep. Now its an application with a proper file handler. I have the Version 1 plugin now should I uninstall that or...? DO NOT UNINSTALL THE PLUGIN! You'll lose all of your files and have to re-upload them again. I've set up the install routine for the new application to handle it all for you. Install the app just like any other app and it will automatically take over the file handling from the piggybacked core_Attachments handler, remove the plugin uninstall routine that would normally delete your uploaded images, and then uninstalls the plugin for you. If for some reason you install the plugin again afterwards you're on your own... Seriously, delete any copies of the plugin you have lying around. Only bad can come from those being used after you've installed the app.
  14. Scott


    Version 2.1.0


    Track and Display Content Viewers in your Invision Community Socially so other users can see who's viewing what. Display viewers as member avatars or names. For moderation to see what content, and when, members are viewing when trouble occurs. Widget displays for social display of this information. Modal pop-up tables for more detailed views. ACP action to wipe all logs. Forums-per-Topic action to wipe just that log. ACP member views has member's views right there for perusal. GDPR-compliance! When a member wants their data, and you use the ACP tool to download such, their member views are right there as well. More! See screenshots. NEW! Pages application now supported! Both Custom Page views and Database Record views. NEW! Blogs application now supported! Blog entry views. Viewers is the 4.5 revision of Who Viewed the Topic plugin - enhanced with front end new views, ACP member view, tools to wipe logs, and GDPR compliance! This is a complete re-write of the old plugin - it's an application now. Users of Who Viewed the Topic can rest easy - installation of this application will AUTOMATICALLY import that data AND remove the plugin for you. The two (three?) users of Who Viewed the Blog should leave that installed. When Blog support comes in a later version the same import and removal will occur. Note on GDPR It's going to be up to you to notify your users that this data is stored. Just add it to your terms and conditions or privacy policy or what have you. You probably should have been noting that all these years... Still, as usual, laws and restrictions on this stuff vary from country to country and it's not my responsibility what you do with this data. This may be a simple social thing at its core but the fact remains you are tracking content they view. It's pretty normal overall, routine even, but since I went ahead and added in the GDPR support, you may wish to make an effort and formally let your users know. Heavily Traffic Site? Thousands of concurrent users? Shouldn't be a problem. The modal pop-up views are single instances triggered by user-input (clicking the button) so no page-load worries there. The widgets you have an option for cached and non-cached. So use cached 😃. I've also have an index on the table to make things perkier as well. If this fits your site's profile and there are still problems, just yell and I can probably gin-up a datastore fully cached option.
  15. Accessibility Email. Slack. Mattermost (exists but I think I might just stick with Slack and eat the 90 days retention of content on the free plan since I can just throw orgs and people into their own private rooms). Skype available. No Discord if I can help it. Longer term clients can txt. Central Wisconsin, USA located (Central Time). Your Site 1) Needs to be licensed. Just have one; lapsed or not, its fine. And you obviously need to be associated with it somehow. 2) Needs to not be horrible. What defines that? The usual illegal stuff. Porn is fine (already have worked with) just keep it legal. Militia and affiliated mobs keep walking. Observant users who go through the motions of becoming verified here will spot why. 3) Internal corporate/non-internet accessible sites are fine too. Just talk to me and you'll have to do that to get verified anyways. Payments For File licenses, PayPal or Stripe - balance or credit cards. For developer work PayPal, bank transfer, crypto on-ask-first-basis (big-name coins only). No I do not want your NFTs. Anything else ask first. If your company works through an online payroll/payments processor that is fine as well as long as I can get set up on it (USA only) Note that I cannot and will not accept payments from Russia, Belarus, etc. due to the current financial sanctions in place. Any other places that fall under such purview as well. I'd rather not get notes from the feds please. Tough spot for some who are not on board with <gestures broadly>, I get it, but that's the reality right now. Also, if you absolutely insist on work-tracking payment things such as Upwork you will be required to pay an increased hourly rate for my services to cover that external-party's fees upon me. I will not eat them. BTW, the overall projected hourly rates you see on these dev-for-hire services reflect the fact that a good bulk of them are non-USA located (or are pass-thru devs - appearing USA-based but actual located over-seas or farmed work to over-seas). Just FYI. Please view the other terms and conditions documents for specifics regarding file sharing, charge-backs, skeezy financials, and all that. They apply to my custom dev work as well. Custom Application Development At the end of the day I only really require a two things: realism and patience. If you can give me both of those, most of the time things will work out. Beyond that though, yes, there are things that are needed in order to smooth the way for those two things to take root and grow. 1) Know what you want and be real about it. An application framework with nodes and basics takes little time. Adding the basic content items takes maybe twice as much on top of that. After that's done? The work actually begins, formatting templates for the look and feel you want, friendly urls, adding in all the mod powers, your special content item requirements, APIs, Google tag work, and on and on and on. Oh, and the Javascript specialness people ask for afterwards. The foundation is relatively inexpensive, and framing the house and putting up doors and windows? No problems there. Electric, heating, plumbing is where things slow down but still essential. If you stick to a plan and get that stuff done, you can worry about the appliances, drywall, and painting later. 2) This stuff is not going to be a couple of hours, done and paid for. Expect a week of full-time development* to get a thing going. But after that then what? Just because I deliver an application to you and it is yours (and it is yours; you paid for it), that does not entitle you to full-time free support for that app. You will want changes, your users will want changes, the INVCOM software will evolve and the application will require work to keep it compatible. Know what you are getting into. Maintenance is not free no matter who is doing it - me or someone else. 3) That asterisk above? Best not assume I have a completely unfettered full week of time available on any given week. Other people and sites are working with me as well. Scheduling works wonders but support demands, site crashes, and all the usual "this just happened" things occur. 4) Mobile apps have been tried many times. Twice by IPS themselves. The sooner you train your users to add your INVCOM website as a webapp to their phone/tablet home-screen the better. Outside of that, its possible, but given the cost of development ($$$$, and probably $$$$$ as well) and the hoops for ongoing maintenance (Android and Apple are two different apps...) I cannot realistically recommend it. Theme Development and Ringer Work I often get called in to patch themes and that's fine - standard work, no muss, no fuss. If you are wanting a custom theme from scratch, again, not hard, but I must have at least some idea from you what you want: I cannot read your mind. Look at other sites, any sites, and see what you like and do not like. Screenshots: yes please. Links as well. I've worked off of mock-ups too. It's all good as long as I have something to work off of. If not, that's just time you are paying me to explore my muse - which - great! - but maybe not financially for you (is for me though...) and you may not like my muse. Existing branding is a plus but I also do logo/brand work as well. Server Support Root or SUDO account (or SSH key if you are locked down that way) Who your server provider is; possibly account access there Your server specs Your server software (operating system namely) If you want me to help you, I'm going to need most of that. Hard to work on a car without the keys, and access to the car. Obviously not applicable to INVCOM Cloud customers. Invision Community Support Admin account - unfettered. Really. All of us 3rd-party devs have seen EVERYTHING and feel free to let your mind wander on that topic. We are not interested in stealing your MySQL databases, or harvesting your member lists, blackmail, or any other bad thing you can think of. We are interested in crawling about the ACP quickly to find what's wrong and closing off sections of the ACP willy-nilly to us just gets in the way. You can disable admin accounts after we leave. FYI, one of the first things I do when asked to troubleshoot INVCOM problems is to bring up the system logs and then look at what applications and plugins are installed. Yes, I've had those areas closed off to me before and instead of solving the problem I'm stuck in an email chain while other people argue about what I should be allowed access to. Just because you do not think it is related to the problem you are having does not mean it is not. I also consider it good practice to let you know what if anything is throwing errors on your site regardless if it related to your specific troubleshooting ask. Support/Dev Retainers These retainers gain you priority access for help desk, server, dev support. Generally speaking these are reserved for larger (read: funded) organizations. If you want regular eyes on your servers and sites, a support contact for your staff working with the INVCOM software who want answers at Slack-speeds, this is where it is at. Plans may include immediate on-call support for x-amount of hours a month, just simple access to Slack support desk where I lurk while working on the usual things, or for higher amount plans daily monitoring of community and discounted dev/support rates after the monthly retainer amounts are used. All standard stuff, though I do sleep from time to time and occasionally have to buy food. For those of you with smaller community sites the concept of these retainers may be rather alien to you but for larger organizations, or sites with great revenue streams, support retainers are a rounding error or petty cash compared to putting someone internally on it half or full time.
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