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Verification FAQ


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All Astronauts

Reminder that only verified members can purchase/download premium files.

Guests will not seen the link but registered members (Ground Control) and above will. Link is up top and cannot be missed.

Add your site, your IPS profile link, and create an All Astronauts account on your site WITHOUT PASSWORD so I get the "set your password" email and that's that. Wait for me to check check it and that's it.

See the verification link for all the details and thanks for making the Invision Community app-space more secure!

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All Astronauts

Yeah that's a strange one. Your member group has unlimited messages but was set at zero per minute sending. No idea...

Feel free to start throwing them at me.

As for the last week or two, unplanned car work - and those nice videos showing you how to do it in warm well provisioned garages with full lifts and clean cars does not match the experience of a frozen garage floor and grimy 20 year old 4x4. 

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Ground Crew
13 hours ago, bearback said:

Verification done but still no access to my purchases, given up to be honest. Just hope I don’t get any issues with the plugins/applications.

Geez, what the heck.  I'm using the Members Online Today on two sites, but didn't get a chance to download it before it was removed from Marketplace and can't get it here either.   I don't mind paying for these add-ons, but we have to have access to them and the ability to use them.  Hoping everything is OK with @Scott, definitely seems strange he isn't answering any of these or verifying users to get access to his paid files.  Looks like he hasn't been logged in since 12/28/2023, so hopefully he just went on a long holiday break! 🙂

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Ground Crew
On 4/15/2024 at 1:15 PM, iri2321 said:

When will my account be verified? 😞passed 2 months

Waiting since January 17th, here. It seems like things are abandoned (but I don't *know* that). I guess the changes that Invision made to the Marketplace model simply doesn't warrant some third parties to continue supporting their products and innovating. Darn shame, too.

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